Writing 101 – Where I Write

I love the idea of having a page from a mediaeval illuminated prayer book on the writer’s wall!

D.B. Hall Writing - 101

Day Six – My Space to Write

In general, I prefer to write in the seclusion of my office at home with three of my best friends at hand.  These include a dictionary, thesaurus and Strunk and White’s “The Elements of Style,” often referred to as “The Little Book” amongst writers and journalist.  While there is some clutter on my desk there is still plenty of room for my keyboard, monitor and a large cup of coffee (or wine depending on the time of day).

For me, four things are critical to creating an environment conducive to my writing experience, my library wall, a special photograph, music and a unique piece of art.

Looking over the top of my monitor I can see the upper half of my library wall bulging with various books on engineering, statistics, bibles and biblical reference materials.  A favorite section is populated with my culinary…

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